Braille Embossers

Basic-D V5

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Basic-D V5

110 CPS  |  Tractor paper  |  Tactile Graphics

Designed with the end-user in mind, the Basic-D V5 braille printer is not only fast and reliable but is small enough to take with you for quick and easy access to braille documents anywhere!

Everest-D V5

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Everest-D V5

120 CPS  |  Cut Sheet paper  |  Tactile Graphics

Ideal for a wide range of media formats, this double-sided cut-sheet braille printer provides the most flexibility. Print braille on standard office copy paper, labels, business cards and more.

Braille Box V5

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Braille Box V5

300 CPS  |  Cut Sheet paper  |  Tactile Graphics

Embossing 900 pages per hour, this high-volume braille printer makes it fast and easy to create braille documents in seconds! Use large, cut-sheet paper to emboss double-sided braille books instantly!

FanFold V5 braille embosser

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FanFold V5

330 CPS  |  Tractor paper  |  Tactile Graphics

Embossing 1000 pages per hour, this high-speed braille printer makes it fast and easy to create double-sided braille documents instantly. Use continuous tractor-fed paper and keep your embossing jobs running hour after hour with no supervision!

American Thermoform Braille and Print embosser

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Braille & Print

50 CPS  |  Tractor paper  |  Prints Ink

Add ink text to your braille documents with the Braille & Print embosser from American Thermoform! Built on the worlds most popular and reliable cut-sheet braille embosser, the Index Everest, you can now get high-speed ink and braille instantly!

The Market Leader

As the leading braille printer manufacturer world-wide Index embossers are sure to please! Watch the video below to find out why Index embossers are the most popular braille embossers around and why they are the best choice for you!

What's new in Index V5

braille dot hammer

Better Braille Dot

Our improved embossing technology will give you consistent high-quality braille dots.

wireless embossing

Wireless Printing

Cut the wires and emboss beautiful braille documents from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

embosser user interface

Improved User Interface

We give you more control with our new and improved user-interface.

Index Direct Braille

Index Direct Braille

Use idB to send a file directly to print without the hassle of a braille editor.

USB port

USB Port

Emboss, backup, and restore your embosser using nothing but a USB drive.


Remote Support

Diagnose and correct issues faster than ever with remote support.